Black, Gold & Bold - Was that Goob or Boob Tube?

A Ravens' fan fails at smack talk
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Was that Goob or Boob Tube?

PITTSBURGH -- This goes out to Goober, the erstwhile Baltimore Ravens fan who "interviewed'' the Steelers fans at a sports bar at North Carolina State (video below).

Shouldn't you be reminiscing with your old buddies in Mayberry?

First of all, those Raleigh, N.C. rednecks are not typical Steelers fans, by far the best and most well-traveled in the NFL. When the Ravens are a franchise for more than a cup of coffee, which basically is their existence compared to the Steelers' history, then come talk to me.

When was the last time the Ravens beat the Steelers in the playoffs? Never, would be the correct answer. The Ravens are 1-0 in the Super Bowl, whoop-de-do. The Steelers have been there three times in the previous six seasons with two victories.

And let's not even talk about the Steelers' totals in Super Bowl games. They have six Lombardi Trophies, in case you were counting, with two losses. If the Ravens ever get there again, come talk to me.

Somebody ought to tell the Ravens coach, who isn't even the best-coaching Harbaugh in the NFL right now, that the opening-day game against the Steelers was not the Super Bowl or even a chance to get to the Super Bowl or anything, really, other than an interesting opening game.

Sure, the Ravens whipped the Steelers every which way you can slice it in that game. But I would expect a much different result this time around. Just look at the way the two teams have played since then. The Steelers are 6-1 and have the best record in the AFC, while the Ravens are 4-2. They lost to the Tennessee Titans the next week, also lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars and should have lost to the Arizona Cardinals.

The Ravens aren't playing too well right now. And this next game is at Pittsburgh where the Ravens are a putrid 5-13 against the Steelers. The Ravens have just one win in Pittsburgh since 2001. Don't count on that trend to change anytime soon. Come talk to me when it does.

I know Joe Flacco has taken the Ravens to three playoff appearances in his three NFL seasons. Come talk to me when he has a winning record in the post-season. I won't hold my breath.

The Steelers could have as many as four starters out on defense this week, including three-fourths of the linebacking corps, so that might be an area that Flacco and the Ravens offense could exploit. Please, try. With Flacco's inconsistency as a passer, that would be an excellent choice.

Incidentally, Goober, attending games or remembering stats don't make for a die-hard fan. Cheering for a team whether it wins, loses or draws is a better indicator. Many fans can't afford to go to the games, while some just can't get there. And, yes, Stub Hub is a good way to get tickets, but prices usually are exorbitant for a team that has been sold out for several decades now. Come talk to me when that's the case for the Ravens.

Since the Ravens won the Super Bowl following the 2000 season, the Steelers have a 14-9 advantage, so it's been pretty close. They are 21-13 overall, including an 8-8 mark in Baltimore, and that last mark is as close as it gets. But one should surmise that the Ravens can only win at home against the Steelers, and that shouldn't change this week, either.

If it does, you can come talk to me about it.


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Posted On: 11/11/11 11:56 am
the writter of this article looks like a BIG goober. Ravens sweep eat it shitsburg suckas
Steelers Rule
Posted On: 11/2/11 3:27 pm

Who is the greatest Baltimore QB of all time? Johnny Unitas. From Brookline.

should I name some other SWPA football plyers for ya..or does Mr colt himself sum it up enough?

Yeah..with a metropolitan population of about 1 million and teams of the Steelers, Penguins, Panthers, and Pirates and surprise.. high school football in town...congratulations on claiming some empty seats at a college football game. Seriously..is that the best you have? Panthers attendance?

Here's the bottom line...you show me any team without what you would call "fair-weather bandwagon jumping" fans and I'll show you a perpetual loser. The fact that people would seize upon that really begs the question "why?" and the only viable answer must be "what else is there?"
Posted On: 11/2/11 2:43 pm
Steelers Rule,

For anyone who wants to believe what you say about SW PA is all about football, all they have to do is tune into a University of Pittsburgh game and look at all of the empty seats.

I think I am going for something more complex than people buying tickets to go to games. I am talking about how quickly the Steelers "fans" jump off the bandwagon of the Steelers once the team goes south. Two quick examples of this from around the same timeframe

1) The 2002 Browns vs Steelers playoff game where empty seats were a plenty after halftime when the Browns jumped ahead. Pathetic

2) Tommy Maddox was a hero to the town of Pittsburgh in 2002. He had a cereal (if anyone knows where I can get Tommy Flakes, please let me know they were fantastic) and was the next Steeler QB hero. Go to 2003 and he struggles out of the gate and the fans turned on him so fast it made my head spin. People talk in Baltimore about how much Boller and Flacco are trashed there. but they could not hold a candle to the beating Maddox took in Pitt.

Oh and yes I did live in Pittsburgh for 2 years (2003 and 2004). In 2003, I could have went to any Steeler game I wanted to as season ticket holders couldn't give away their tickets because they jumped off the bandwagon.

Bottom line, Steeler fans are not all they are cracked up to be.
Steelers Rule
Posted On: 11/2/11 12:41 pm

why not throw in the Browns championships into your calculation too - given that the ravens are nothing more than the browns who moved? Look Baltimore gave us two great things..Poe and Mencken. Hang your hat on that..I'd agree with you on the greatness of them.
Steelers Rule
Posted On: 11/2/11 12:35 pm

with over 299 consecutive sellouts are you telling me that the Steelers haven't had any losing seasons in that stretch? so much for your "if they lose, people won't come" argument. If you've lived here for 2 years you should know by now that SW PA is first and foremost all about football. But congratulations on figuring out that winning teams attract more fair weather fans. Maybe when the ravens starts rattling off divsion titles and super bowl victories with more regularity you can come to see it increase in purple and black too.
Posted On: 11/2/11 12:31 pm
The bottom line Steelers rule and the rest of you Steelers fans out there is that the average Steeler fan is a bandwagon jumping fair weather fan. Learn it, Live it, Love it!
Posted On: 11/2/11 12:30 pm
Steelers Rule I know it is hard for the average Steeler fan to remember 6 numbers.. Baltimore has won four NFL Championships/Super Bowls (58, 59, 70, 00 wow that was so hard)...
Steelers Rule
Posted On: 11/2/11 12:20 pm
I love how in retort, a ravens fan will say "you only answer 6" when we've already discussed common playoff games, and division titles since both teams have existed. So instead you offer some absurd championships since existence..yeah, that is so much better. Lastly, if you buy that other multiple championship winning teams are devoid of fan who can't recite the championships they've won...I have ocean front property in nebraska that you might also buy. I mean really..your argument is that the Steelers have won so many championships and have so many fans that you can find some who can't recite the exact years? wow..take a bow.
Posted On: 11/2/11 9:08 am
Goob can not be more correct about the Steeler fans and how fair weather they are. I live in Pittsburgh, and as a Ravens fan it stunned me how overrated the Steeler fan base is. I used to ask the same types of questions to Steeler fans in Pittsburgh (simple ones like name 5 Steelers or when did they win their Super Bowls) and was stunned by how many of you clowns got those answers wrong.

Oh and BTW I lived there for two years and could have went to ANY game at Heinz so don't pretend that tickets are that hard to come by.

And also don't worry because when your team starts losing and no one comes to the games, take a lesson from the Pirates and have fireworks every night because that is the only reason anyone goes to see the Pirates!

And Goob, regular Iron City is much better than the Light version

Posted On: 11/2/11 8:51 am
"Incidentally, Goober, attending games or remembering stats don't make for a die-hard fan. Cheering for a team [if] it wins is a better indicator."

Fixed for your Steelers blog.
Stupid Steelers Fan
Posted On: 11/1/11 5:43 pm
Another thing, the video has nothing to do with the Ravens or Squeelers. It's about the Squeelers "FANS". If you are going to blast someone or argue, argue about the damn topic retards. Typical Squeelers fans, stupid.
Stupid Steelers Fan
Posted On: 11/1/11 5:40 pm
I love how the only argument Squeelers fans have is that they have 6 Super Bowls. How long has their franchise been in existence? 78 years or so? That is less than one a decade. The Ravens have been in existence since 1996. They have one in fifteen years. Seems to me they are on the same pace or pretty damn close. Not impressive.
Steelers Rule
Posted On: 11/1/11 5:26 pm
Last bit of trivia for you Goober (you honsetly call yourself that?)

Since the Ravens have joined the NFL what is the ratio of Steeler Division Titles to Raven Divisional Titles? Did you say 8 to 2? Good job Skippy..that's right The Steelers have four times as many divisional titles than the ravens since Art Modell moved the Browns tto Baltimore.

Your Daddy
Steelers Rule
Posted On: 11/1/11 5:07 pm
More trivia for you Goober: What is the Ravens record against the Steelers in the Playoffs? Did you say 0-3? Good boy Skippy!

Your Daddy
Curly RN
Posted On: 11/1/11 4:34 pm
Posted On: 11/1/11 2:30 pm You seem a little mad LOL.

"But one should surmise that the Ravens can only win at home against the Steelers, and that shouldn't change this week, either."
-except the Ravens won at pitt last year and pitt won at Ravens. Make less sense please.

Sure they did but it is the first win in Pittsburgh since 2001...can you count??? LLet me know when they beat the Steelersin the Post season, when it really counts!
The Colts left Baltimore
Posted On: 11/1/11 4:28 pm
for Indianapolis of all places. What does that tell you Goob?
Steelers Rule
Posted On: 11/1/11 4:16 pm
Hey Goob,

Is this the best you can do? Cherry-pick some southern steeler fans and then edit the video to pick the most egregious incorrect answers at some lame trivia effort? Here's a tip for ya...nobody gives a damn about mascots. The fact that you'd seize upon that is laughable. Here's some trivia for you the Steelers were winning championships before Steely McBeam ever existed. Here's some more trivia...How many cheerleaders do the Baltimore ravens have? answer..who cares? with over 299 consecutive sellouts a ticket to heinz field is indeed very hard to get. Even those rednecks have televisions. Where does it say you have to have gone to a game to be a fan of something anwyay? I'm a fan of the USA olympic hockey,but guess what..I've never been to an olympic hockey game...have you? Idiot. Lastly, I suppose it quite easy for any ravens fan to list their super bowl victories. But when you get six of them, then come back to us with a trivia contest OK skippy?
Posted On: 11/1/11 4:10 pm
Hey Goober, when you can count your championships on two hands come talk to me. When your stadium is SOLD out for every game in a season u can walk back in a Steeler bar. When you learn what being a FAN is all about come talk to us, other wise STAY THE #$^& in BALTIMORE!!!!!!!!
Posted On: 11/1/11 3:25 pm
Flacco is 4-3 in the playoffs you fat fuck. So before you try to throw numbers around try and get them right. I'll be up there this weekend and you better hope I don't see you cause I'll slap the fat off your neck you fucking bitch
Stupid Steelers Fan
Posted On: 11/1/11 3:25 pm
Get your facts right buddy. If you are going to blast someone else in your blog, be sure you know what you are talking about. I guess the Steelers near losses to the Colts and the Jaguars don't mean anything either. They could easily by 4-3. Good teams get wins, plain and simple. By the way, Goob's video had nothing to do with the teams, it was about the Steelers' fans. They are fair-weather bandwagoners, enough said. If you haven't been to the city of your favorite team let alone a game, then you can't call yourself a true fan. Period.
Rick James
Posted On: 11/1/11 2:48 pm
Here's a hint bro- hit the gym and lay off the sports prognostication.
Posted On: 11/1/11 2:47 pm
Lmao what an idiot, he doesnt even know what hes talking about...awkward...
Joe Kelly
Posted On: 11/1/11 2:41 pm

I am not agreeing or disagreeing with Goober, but if you are going to tell someone to check their facts, perhaps you can start with checking your own. The Steelers are 6-2 and the Ravens are 5-2 (you got both of those wrong in your post). Secondly, Pittsburgh hasn't had its bye week yet, so you have the Ravens by a big half-game in the win column. Also, Joe Flacco, indeed, has a winning playoff record of 4-3. Oh, and as far as the Ravens only able to beat the Steelers as M&T Bank Stadium, I point you to 10/3/2010, when the Ravens last played in Pittsburgh in a regular season game. Can you say 17-14? I admire your passion, but at least get the numbers and facts right before you criticize someone else. Can't wait until Sunday. Big day for both teams. Let's see what happens and leave the trash talking to a minimum.
Posted On: 11/1/11 2:35 pm
Joe Flacco Playoff Record:
So he has a winning record in the playoffs, get your facts straight!

Date Game Result
Jan. 15, 2011 AFC Divisional Pittsburgh 31, Baltimore 24
Jan. 9, 2011 AFC Wild Card Baltimore 30, Kansas City 7
Jan. 16, 2010 AFC Divisional Indianapolis 20, Baltimore 3
Jan. 10, 2010 AFC Wild Card Baltimore 33, New England 14
Jan. 18, 2009 AFC Championship Pittsburgh 23, Baltimore 14
Jan. 10, 2009 AFC Divisional Baltimore 13, Tennessee 10
Jan. 4, 2009 AFC Wild Card Baltimore 27, Miami 9
Posted On: 11/1/11 2:30 pm
You seem a little mad LOL.

"But one should surmise that the Ravens can only win at home against the Steelers, and that shouldn't change this week, either."
-except the Ravens won at pitt last year and pitt won at Ravens. Make less sense please.

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